Get a Job in 24 Hours!

Most graduates today find themselves at a great dilemma once they have been exposed to the real world where one has to compete for some available quality jobs and diligently work for jobs that are not in line with their profession. This case usually happens when one was not able to seriously prepare his or her emancipation from the university life. Students are often preoccupied with and focus their time and efforts on academics thinking that high grades are panacea for their future employment problems. With this working assumption in mind, they end up frustrated and their enthusiasm is doused by the fact that there are only so few available jobs where they can apply and practice all the knowledge they have acquired during their studies. Hence, some would either end up going back to school for further studies where they can practice a broader field of interest or get employed for a job which is in no way related to their degree of profession. This is truly a sad state of our society today. Thus, students are provided by their schools some practical preparations for their actual work in the future.

To prepare the students for a fruitful and rewarding career, the school in partnership with the government and the private sector implements job fairs and career talks to provide the students some working knowledge of what lies ahead for them in the real world. This practically guides the students career path once they are released to the real world of actual employment, business competitions, and governance. These only show that a great career can best be prepared from school to the commencement of actual work in the real world where theories learned are put to test. Job fairs expose the students to the available businesses and industries where one can work and apply his or her field of study and ergo start to build one's career. Employment merely allows for the career to begin but for such career to grow and become fruitful, preparations must be had at the earliest possible time. Career talks at school are very important for the students to map out their career path from employment to retirement if possible. These career talks enhances the student's strategic planning for one's career and ensures that he or she remains on the right path towards the realization of such plan. The earlier one prepares and begins to realize the growth of his or her career, the more time one has to enjoy these fruits of hard work and perseverance. Careers begin any time of your life. It need not be during your middle age period. Even young and fresh graduates can start realizing a career that one is certain to enjoy and reap benefits thereafter.

Therefore, a good career begins at employment but to make this career truly fun and fruitful for you, planning and review of the same must be had at the earliest possible time since commencing a career does not have a specific period of time.

Is it possible? Is that your first question? I must tell you that it is not only possible but you can get that job within a lesser time than the above topic!
Getting a job in 24 hours largely depends on the type of job you are searching for. You may need to ask yourself if you are prepared to take up a different employment than the one you are originally looking for. If for instance you are searching for a job as an accountant but instead was offered a job as a clerk, would you accept the job and rise through the ranks or take it up for the time being?
Secondly, you may need to ask yourself if you are “over qualified” for the job you are seeking. You may need to exclude your Masters degree or your college diploma from your CV to get the job you are seeking or at least to get an invitation for interview. After you’re employed, your productivity will be very naked and obvious to your employer and by then, you may approach him with your higher qualifications for a pay/position rise.
Another important decision you have to take to secure a job in record time is to decide to relocate abroad. Yes, abroad and for good! Thousands of jobs needing expatriate knowledge abound abroad with no local expertise to fill these vacant positions. The pay is equivalent or even more than what you are paid in your own country. The jobs could be “dirty” and something the locals wouldn’t want to do but as a foreigner, you can take up these jobs and make yourself incomes that would last you for seven lifetimes. A good source to start now is
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Now, the easiest but most overlooked way of getting a job in record time is starting an online business. Many people are either too scared of joining internet businesses or have low self-esteem leading them to believe erroneously that internet business won’t work for them. The truth’s that internet business has made millionaires and is still making millionaires out of lay people. I’m a living testimony. The good thing about the internet is that the blueprint that works for a business always works for another all things being equal. And what do you need to start off? The internet is very verse and depending on the area of internet business you want to start, you may need a website. Series of tested articles to help you start off immediately are located on and you only have yourself preventing yourself from getting a job now!