How to Get Paid to Work at Home Typing Online?

Deciding which type of company to work for, whether it be in the financial industry or media can be daunting enough. After you have chosen your field, another critical factor to consider in your job search is the size of the company you wish to work for.

In today's reality of job scarcity, you're probably going to take whatever job is available to you. However, try to bear in mind what you will expect and not be aware of when choosing to work for a company that is either small (20+ people) or large (500+ people).

Below are five things to consider when faced with the luxury of a choice between working for a small company or a large one:

You spend much time at work, it's so important to look at more than just salary or location, even though they are top factors.

If you have good typing skills and are interested in working at home, then you might want to look into a work at home typing online job. There are a range of companies on the internet which will employ you to do various typing duties for them. However, before you drop everything and dive straight in, there are a few things you need to consider:
What does a home typing job involve?
There are many different types of work at home typing online jobs available. From data entry, advertisement typing and information processing… to clerical and customer service positions… there’s something to fit anybody.
Clerical/customer service roles involve setting up and preparing letters, reports and other text material. They may also include preparing neat and error free copies of previously written material, as well as answering incoming mail and processing orders.
If that does not sound like it’s for you, then data entry may. This involves typing small articles (usually only a paragraph in length) and small classified ads to distribute all over the internet. Most companies will show you how to do this and where to post the ads.
The key is in knowing what you want to do. If you have skills and experience working with spreadsheets and word processors, then you would be more comfortable with clerical duties such as medical billing. Similarly, if you prefer to simply type data into forms, then data entry or advertisement typing might be best for you. Regardless, previous experience is always a bonus (but not necessary).
How do I avoid scams?
The best way to avoid scams is to ignore the big promises a company makes on their website, and investigate them carefully. Most ads in online classifieds are scams, so avoid looking there for any jobs. These companies usually ask for a starter fee before they start training you. If a company asks for anything like this, be very cautious. Contact them by phone and find out exactly what you are paying for. If you can’t find their phone number, move on.
Legitimate work at home typing online companies always give you full contact information, and provide a real support person whom you can ask questions to over the phone. Always, always, always do your research on a company before signing up. Be sure to only sign up with respected companies that have a good track record, and always make a phone call to them beforehand.
There are hundreds of work at home typing online jobs to be found. They can be a great way to make money while allowing you to work your own hours and spend more time at home with your family. Just make sure that you know what type of job you want and you have done the research to determine that the company you work with is legitimate.
For more information on how to get a legitimate work at home online typing job, head on over to:

What You Should Know About Pre-Employment Tests

Social Media and Social Networking sites are taking the internet by storm. Social media serves as a great platform to interact with friends, relatives or make new friends and meet new people online. Social Media sites are technologically advanced web interfaces offering content-exchange via short-messaging services, email or chat. In spite of its growing popularity, social media faces threats of hacking.

Although people find social media essential for retaining ties, it poses threat of vulnerabilities. Since social media consists of personal information, the users must be extremely careful while providing confidential information to these sites. Though some famous social networking sites, such as, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Orkut, etc are extremely popular, they too face the threats to its users who are oblivious to safe internet practices. It is better not to give out passwords very easily, too much information sharing can often be counter-productive. It is advisable not to reveal your future travel plans on a social media site, your profile viewer with malicious intentions may plan to commit burglary in your apartment!

Therefore, privacy concerns must be of primary importance in networking. It is true that social networking provides an opportunity to develop inter-personal relationship, one need to be aware of the possible security threats. Especially, students often post detailed and specific information, on Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, etc, they can be more easily traced by strangers and even acquaintances!

Often they violate the school policy or the code of conduct by posting inappropriate pictures or information on their social networking profiles, so they are held accountable when the school administrators further investigate the matter. Moreover, other disadvantage is that students are often turned down job offers because of their information employers are finding out about students on their social networking sites! The employers take these images the students portray on these sites very seriously because it depicts the reflection of personal character!

Well, keeping aside the dangers of socializing on the net, it can be a good way to communicate with friends and relative, also to make connection to people with similar tastes, interests and goals! Thanks to social networking sites, because often meeting people personally has become the thing of the past. Thus, staying connected with classmates and colleagues is a major benefit of social networking sites!

It helps to stay connected with different cultural program, events listing and other information related to campus culture. What a great way to stay understand and stay connected to your campus community as a whole! Most importantly, these sites offer students the opportunity to create a positive self image.

Last but not the least, if you want to stay safe on the net, evaluate your profile account and postings frequently.Do not post your personal information, address or cell number. You can utilize and adjust your privacy settings so as to control who has the access to your personal information.

As it is said, everything has both bright and dark sides, we should be careful in using social networking sites constructively rather than destructively! So, enjoy, happy networking!

Competency Skills
Tests are prepared to help assess the competency of a job candidate. The organization wants to assess many different aspects of your skills and personality. Assessment tools have no set pattern of correct or incorrect responses.
Your responses should be truthful and honest. Eventually, it will be a question of whether or not you match what they are looking for.
Adhering To Norms
You should be serious about taking an assessment test. Do not take it lightly or disregard its importance. The dress code for interviewees should be formal and not casual.
Employment Tests
No one is exempt from these types of tests, no matter what your educational level may be. Evaluation and assessment only gets more difficult as you climb the corporate ladder.
The purpose behind personality assessments is to gauge how well the candidate fits in with the organization’s business culture. This is essential for top-level candidates upon whose shoulders much responsibility will lie.
The organization has much more to lose if mistakes are made at this level.
Showing Displeasure
Many senior candidates disregard the need for testing and view it as an unnecessary part of the employment process. This attitude will only hurt their career efforts in the long run.
Complaining needlessly will only reflect poorly on you and hinder your opportunities for advancement within the organization.
You Can Benefit
Pre-employment tests are very accurately constructed and formulated. The tests are planned according to the position that you are applying for.
It needs to be taken seriously and the questions answered honestly, in order to give the employer an accurate assessment about you.
Scheduling Yourself
There is no harm in asking how long your test will take you so that you can schedule yourself for that amount of time. Pre-employment tests can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete.
Assessments can be either oral or written. They may be administered by your direct supervisor or by an independent organization. In some cases, these tests are conducted online when the job is in a different location than the one you are in.
Sometimes a test may be conducted over the phone. Remember to never interrupt the assessor while he is speaking. When you have completed the first round of the interviews, you may be required to complete the next stage in the form of an online assessment.
Becoming Familiar With Tests
It is worth familiarizing yourself with employment or assessment tests that are conducted for employees. These can be found on the Internet.
With practice, you will begin to feel more comfortable with such tests whenever you are asked to take one.
A Test is Not the Final Deciding Factor
If you have performed well in an interview, but have not done too well on the assessment test, it may not count against you.
Sometimes interviewer is not looking for perfect answers. They may be looking for individuals that answer honestly – and that may count for more than giving the “right” answers.
It is important to remember to learn from each experience. Each test and every interview is an opportunity to learn something new.

Top 3 Work From Home Online Jobs You Can Benefit From

The news media would have you think the jobs we have lost to China, India and other countries are the result of lower cost labor. They tend to blame greedy capitalists on moving production off shore to save a few pennies on the production of products sold in our markets. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, there has been a movement of manufacturing to foreign countries. Yes labor costs are lower in those countries. But unless you are in a craft business with very high labor content, the lower labor costs are offset by the freight costs to get the product back to this market.

If you stop for a moment to think about all the products we use, most are the result of a great deal of engineering and are produced on highly automated equipment. In my experience, most products like this have labor costs that run less than 20% of the total cost of the product and freight from off shore, combined with the prepayment and lead times tend to offset each other.

The real truth of the matter is that domestic producers are moving production offshore because of overhead costs. Overhead costs that are the direct result of our government. So if you want to blame someone for the jobs that are moving off shore, blame your favorite politician.

There are lots of things I can point to including OSHA, EPA, Workers Compensation, Employer Paid Pensions, Employer Paid Health Insurance, MSDS, EEOC and a raft of other government imposed programs. All of these have costs associated with them and none of them are present in India, China, Vietnam, Mexico and other low cost countries.

Today, however, I want to focus on just one government cost that is killing jobs in the U.S. and point out how the situation will only get worse if we don't do something soon.

Jim Meyers in an article entitled "U.S. Leads World...In Corporate Taxes" in the September issue of "NewsMax" pointed out that the U.S. "now bears the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world." Why in heavens name would a manufacturer want to produce products and make a profit in this country? Instead, manufacturers make products and profits offshore while selling products at a loss in this country. It boils down to make your profits where you can keep most of them.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece wrote that, "The current tax code distorts capital flows, hurting productivity, job creation and our global competitiveness." He suggests that countries with a 1 percentage point lower tax rate will attract 3 percent more capital. Other countries have figured this out and are lowering taxes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that at least 25 developing countries have cut corporate tax rates since 2001. At approximately 39.3 percent, we are the highest and it results in receipts to the government of less than 2.5 percent of GDP. Ireland on the other hand has a corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent and collects 3.6 percent of its GDP in corporate revenues.

Even the French have figured this out and are cutting taxes under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

If you want to keep and grow the job market in this country, write to your Congressmen and tell them you want to see job opportunities in this country increase as well as tax revenues increase just as they have in Ireland through Corporate Tax reductions.

There are many misconceptions about work from home online jobs. This new method of income generation is still in its infancy. Many are still undecided as skeptics and believers fight over the long-term feasibility of this new money-making methodology. One thing that is certain is that the internet can be a profitable landscape of new and vibrant business opportunities. But does this dynamic nature apply to work from home online jobs?
The answer is yes. There are many ways to generate income from work from home online jobs. The opportunities are virtually endless. Opportunities continually present themselves as the industry evolves and when examining the road of evolution, there is no end in sight for the information technology sector.
Given the myriad of opportunities available, let’s examine the top 3 work from home online jobs you can benefit from.
Work From Home Online Job No. 1 Affiliate Marketing
If you know how to operate a website, you can become an affiliate. By becoming an affiliate you promote another businesses’ product. When a sale is made as a result of your promotion, you receive a commission of the sale. The commissions can vary anywhere from 30% to 70% of the sale price.
There are many digital products that offer affiliate programs. With some careful research, you should be able to find the best affiliate program for you.
Work From Home Online Job No. 2 Online Surveys
Participating in online surveys is a popular way of supplementing your income. There are various online marketing research agencies that are looking for candidates who are willing to participate in online surveys.
Participants are usually paid according to the amount of surveys completed. Surveys may offer varying payouts. The payout is partially determined by the scarcity of the test group; the rarer respondents are, the more they may be paid.
Work From Home Online Job No. 3 Online Retail
Online retail is one of the most established forms of revenue generation. Online retail was a pioneering work from home online job that gained mainstream exposure and acceptance. Unfortunately, conducting online retail is riskier when compared to its alternatives. To successfully engage in online retail, a certain amount of risk needs to be assumed.
Assuming risk may be a major drawback for those looking to achieve instant returns on the investments. Starting a retail business usually requires investing in a certain amount of inventory. This drastically reduces the liquidity of your assets, which may be another deal-breaker for some. Do keep these issues in mind when you consider entering the world of e-commerce.
There are many different kinds of work from home online jobs available. But before starting one, it would be prudent to do some research and learn from experts in this still-emerging field. The anonymity of the internet can be a huge pitfall that consumers should avoid. By consulting a guide written by knowledgeable author, you should be able to avoid and cut through the smoke and mirrors that mask genuine work from home online jobs.

3 Steps To Landing Your Dream Job

There are so many types of careers that you can choose from today. It may take you a while to decide on the best for you but you know there is something you can do. There are many types of jobs becoming available daily. Some jobs can require extensive training and some may not require any type of training at all! It could take days to list all the types of careers that can be possible now days. This list a short list but it will give you some type of idea of what there is to offer! Here is a short list of different careers.

When it comes to working in the type of outside jobs like Natural Resources jobs there are tons of great options to choose from.



Pest Control Killer

Take care landscaping

You can work in a nursery or a green house during the summer months.

There are tons of different types of jobs that you can do when it comes to building or maintaining buildings such as:





And of course many more! Many of these types of jobs are offering training from home!

There are many types of jobs that you can get that deal with communication such as:





Customer Service Rep. This is what a lot of most jobs are considered now that work with the public.

If you are the managerial type then you may consider:

Human Resources


Legal clerk

And Of course a Manager! These types of jobs also offer training from home!

There are also jobs that you could get working with Health Sciences such as a






There are jobs that are available in Human Resources. This is very short list of careers offered in these types of professions.

Social Worker

Child Day Care


There are many types of jobs opening daily with some of these positions!




Security Guard


If you are more interested in Sales and Retail you may want to give these a try: (this is a quick list of career options there are tons more).



Sales Representative

Sales manager


There are many hobs becoming available everyday with these professions:


Flight Attendant

Bus Driver


You can definitely keep going when it comes to listing all the types of professions that there are today. Some take some extensive training while some just require a minimum. You should take your time when considering what you want to do with your life. You should not just listen to what someone wants you to do. When it comes to being the happiest you simply must follow your heart and pick the best career path for you. You should also make sure to take the time to get the best training so you can get the job that you desire! There are many schools offering courses from home now that may be something you might want to look into. Many employers are now offering tuition reimbursement that is a great thing to take advantage of! Just remember to take a look at everything first and then decide what is best for you! Like I said this is just a short list of different careers to choose from.

With the nation captivated by the BBC’s The Apprentice, does it make you question whether you are in the right career? Sir Alan certainly puts the contestants through rigorous, demanding and unfamiliar tasks to eliminate the weak, less adaptable hopefuls. How well do you think you would fair in the exciting and cut throat series.
Well in terms of a career it is important to think about exactly what you want to get from it. It is your working life so there should be no reason why you do not pursue something that actually interests and stimulates you. A successful career will keep you busy, will challenge you, will get the best out of you and reward you for your hard work. Although, unfortunately, this does not sound like many of our jobs, usually there is no logical reason why people get stuck in a dull, repetitive job they are not even happy with.
Do what you love. The first step you need to take is simply to think about what you wish to do in life. This stage is all about thinking outside the box. Reminisce about activities you are good at, usually you will find activities you enjoy also mean you will have some natural ability in that discipline. Ask questions about yourself, be frank, for example are you a people person, team player, an individual worker, an outdoors or office person etc. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for their input, they know you almost as well as you do, and might highlight intriguing careers.
Prepare yourself. Landing your dream job will probably not happen over night without any effort, research is key. A great place to start is looking at the skills you already possess and how you can excel at your desired career with these skills. Transferable skills is a keyword employers love, therefore use this to your advantage, and demonstrate how you are ideal for the job based on previous experience and skill sets.
Do the groundwork. Scouting around, researching potential employers and organising interviews is an essential part of finally doing what you love as your career. If you really are dedicated to the career, this should interest and excite rather than be a chore. Your CV should be as passionate about the job as you are, instantly raising you above the competition and demonstrating to future employers that you are genuinely interested in building up a career, not just filling a job.
In conclusion why not opt for a career change, if you are stuck in a laborious 9 to 5 that’s not heading anywhere, what have you got to lose? Changing a career to something that truly excites you could be the best life decision you have ever made, but you are not going to know until you have made the leap. These three simple points could dramatically change your life, so be brave and go land your dream job.

How to Start Your Job Search 2.0 – LinkedIn

Arizona employers and employees have an "at-will" relationship, which means that employers are free to terminate employees without notice or reason, and employees are free to quit at any time without notice or reason. Of course, the employment-at-will relationship is subject to both parties' obligation to meet other legal requirements, including contractual duties and compliance with various federal and state harassment and discrimination laws.

In order to reduce the amount of wrongful termination and related litigation, the Arizona legislature enacted the Arizona Employment Protection Act in 1996. The Act established certain guidelines designed to clarify what constituted, or did not constitute, wrongful termination under Arizona law. Prior to the enactment of the Arizona Employment Protection Act, employers faced numerous lawsuits based on alleged oral promises and implied obligations, with divergent results depending on the judge or jury. A number of those results had served to expand an employee's right to bring a lawsuit in a way that the legislature deemed unacceptable.

The Arizona Employment Protection Act contains at least four important provisions that all Arizona employers and employees should be aware of:

First, there is one-year statute of limitations for claims for breach of an employment contract or for wrongful termination. This means that such claims must be filed within one year of the termination date, significantly shortening the six-year contract limitations period that was previously applicable to some claims. Significantly, however, this limitations period does not apply to claims under the Arizona Civil Rights Act or pursuant to federal law stemming from illegal discrimination due to, among other things, race, sex, disability or age.

Second, there is an established presumption that employment relationships can be terminated at-will, and that presumption will carry the day unless there is an express written agreement stating otherwise. Typically, this will require a written contract signed by both parties, or an unequivocal guaranty described in an employee handbook or manual.

Third, the Arizona Employee Protection Act limits employees' wrongful termination claims to express breach of contract claims (described above), claims specifically allowed by Arizona statute, and "public policy" tort claims. Importantly, even these claims are limited to cases where a statute involved does not itself provide for a remedy. The tort claims involve circumstances where an employee is fired for refusing to violate the law, or blows the whistle on an employer they believe is breaking the law.

Finally, the Act expands sexual harassment claims so that certain such claims may be advanced even where federal sexual harassment laws might not apply.

At the end of the day, the Arizona Employment Protection Act creates a legal environment where it can be very difficult to successfully pursue a claim against an Arizona employer. Of course, every situation is different and the law is constantly changing, and if you believe your rights have been violated or you have been accused of wrongdoing you should speak with an experienced

to determine what your rights and obligations are.

OK, so you’ve written your resume, you’ve done 3 versions for specific job criteria, and you’re drinking the Koolaid of sending fewer, but more targeted resumes. You’re on the right path to searching for a new job.
Today’s post talks about the first tool a job seeker should consider…LinkedIn. Many readers may already be on LinkedIn, but I’m consistently amazed at the number of managers and professionals who aren’t (including IT professionals!). Your employees are on social networks, which are second nature to Millenniums, but seem foreign to Boomers and even many Gen-Xers.
TIP #1: A high page rank on Google Searches is a simple reason why LinkedIn is a must for any job seeker today.
Your resume will help you reply to job listings, but it doesn’t help employers FIND YOU very well. Job Search 2.0 is about getting found, and getting noticed. It’s more than just creating a brand…it’s creating Subject Matter Expertise (SME), then publicizing your SME, amplifying your SME, and virally marketing your SME.
Wouldn’t it be nice if your job search consisted of evaluating numerous job offers, consulting gigs, and overtures for your help? Who wouldn’t enjoy the attention and the validation of your life’s work? When you’ve successfully virally marketed your subject matter expertise, is gives you such an unfair advantage…because employers seek YOU to solve their specific problems.
Fortunately, there are LOTS of tools that can help you. And fortunately, your good-hearted reCareered coach wants to show you how to make them work for you….to give you an unfair advantage. A good LinkedIn strategy may get you front page on Google Searches.
Even if your name isn’t unique, a good LinkedIn strategy may get you a #1 ranking.
Tip #2: If LinkedIn holds your resume, that markets your Subject Matter Expertise, and allows you to turn up on Google searches. If you have a REALLY unique Subject Matter Expertise, this alone is enough to get you on Google’s first page. Most of us don’t have such rarity in our careers.
Anyways, get busy and set up your LinkedIn account.
Tip #3: Use a separate email address for LinkedIn. Why? As you become successful, in virally marketing your SME, your email could blow up. I like to time block my LinkedIn correspondence all at once, and using a separate email address allows easy organization (a trick from Getting Things Done). Get your new email account before signing up, because it will be more difficult to redirect the email later.
Tip #4: Put your top SME resume (the one for the job you want MOST) into LinkedIn. Just cut and paste. There’s no spellchecker on LinkedIn, so make sure there are no typos.
Tip #5: Draft using word for spellchecking. Cut and past spellchecked text into LinkedIn. Save your text so you’ll have a base profile that you can change as you need it.
Tip #6: Invite your job references, and ask them to write a reference for you on LinkedIn. You’ll want at least 4, but you don’t really need 100 (who has time to read that many). If you’ve been working as a consultant, use clients who will say great things about you.
Tip #7: Control the reference process, and don’t leave it up to chance. Tell your references what you’d like them to comment about. Make it specific…projects are best. Commenting about leadership skills, dedication, teamwork, getting to work on time, etc, are references that make you look average. Definitely don’t have your references comment about your ethics (Nothing wrong with ethics, but it’s how references are written when there’s nothing else nice to say). More on references in a later article.
Tip #8: Spell check again. And again.
Future posts will talk about ways to build your LinkedIn database, how to use it for job networking, what type of a database you want, LinkedIn References, and advanced LinkedIn topics.